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  • URGENT! SERVER, IT Upgrade+Host Free Live Stream Classes, 24/7 Channels

    Help fund the purchasing of our own servers and provide training for our student interns and be a part of building a free depository for posterity.

    $636 Donated
    4.05% Funded
  • sml-wellness-center-jamaica-arc-of-mariam-1c

    New Wellness Center, Jamaica 100+ Acres Community

    100 Aquisition: New RasTafari TV Wellness Center, Jamaica

    $695 Donated
    0.03% Funded
  • rallly-round-haile-selassie-high4-campaigns-rastafari-tv-network

    Haile Selassie High School Eco-Agro-Trade (E.A.T.) Beautification & S.T.E.M. Mission

    To continue of support and further demonstrate our commitment to the community, we are providing e a free health fair at the school on Monday, January 18, 2016.

    $1276 Donated
    0.33% Funded
  • mobilehealthclinic-ad

    Mobile Health Clinic Fund

    Provide a safe, eco-friendly large capacity RV where medical team can provide communities with healthcare on wheels. Healthcare will be significantly less expensive as well as quality of life vastly improved when we’re able to address patient health long before reaching an acute stage, is the primary reason for our initiative to launch the first […]

    $1699 Donated
    0.58% Funded
  • School-Safety--Ad

    Security Team, Surveillance & New Gate for Haile Selassie High School

    SECURITY TEAM & SURVEILLANCE SERGEANT AT ARMS Provide a security gate at the entrance of the school and assign round-the-clock security team.  It is recommended competent Sergeant of Arms provided by the Ethiopian World Federation, Inc. On November 1, 2016, two students of Haile Selassie I High were viciously attacked by four youth and chopped […]

    $1049 Donated
    4.54% Funded
  • rastafari-tv-eco-agro-trade-eat-program-shashemene-school-ethiopia

    JRDC Shashemene, Ethiopia School Eco-Agro-Trade (E.A.T.) Mission

    We intend to expand the meal program and create the infrastructure to rebuild and nurture a community garden through an eco-preneurship project- with YOUR help. To ensure ongoing support and sustainability, we have called upon the help of family, friends and alumni to provide scholarships; to repair, green and beautify the school to positively impact the surrounding Shashemene community.

    $246 Donated
    0.82% Funded
  • Concert-Crowd-shutterstock_126363107

    Ongoing Benefits & Roots Reggae Events

    Support and Sponsor this upcoming benefit Roots Reggae concert featuring musicians and other performers. Proceeds benefit seed capital and funding of our missions.

    $216 Donated
    1.44% Funded
  • jahjah1

    Doctor’s Travel Expense Ethiopia 2017 Mission

    With your generous donation, we will sponsor Dr. Trevor Dixon, our in-house doctor, to accompany our team on the Footsteps of Our Emperor Tour, July 15-25, 2016.

    $216 Donated
    4.32% Funded
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