New Wellness Center, Jamaica 100+ Acres Community




Our Mission is to create an international destination experience for optimum health, vitality and wellness for the preservation of life, to reconnect the soul with the Divine and Nature, through healing spa, arts, musical sessions in nature and events under stars that put you in the middle of it all in beautiful Jamaica.

Project Opportunity: $2 Million Dollar Development of RasTafari.TV Wellness Center
Wellness Center Funding Is Secured By 100 Acre / 5 Million Square Foot Land Development


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This opportunity contributes the development
of the New Wellness Spa & Training Center, Jamaica



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  • Access to the 7,500 sq. ft. Wellness Center facility services at a discount rate
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100+ Acres
5 Million Square Foot Land Development
and Wellness Spa & Training Community



Your Wellness Center

Bed & Breakfast  |  A Home Away From Home


Experience Tranquility. Heal and renew in your 7,500 sq. ft RasTafari TV Wellness Center. This is our serene home away from home, nestled deep in the hills in Jamaica. The property hosts over 100 acres and is only 15 minutes from world renowned beaches, coves, water falls, rivers and live entertainment. Create a hide-away, relax, spa or camp out under the stars or transform yourself and get fit. Renew your soul. A personal concierge and travel guide is available 24/7.

The property a variety of eco-friendly accommodations in a charming setting with an amazing sunrise. Included is our onsite chef, daily spring water, Wi-Fi, famous Blue Mountain coffee breaks, herbal teas, wines and home-made tonics. Fresh linens, towels and organic soaps are only a few amenities provided. The rooms are a blend of Caribbean luxury and indigenous culture mixed with a fusion of natural beauty. We provide an affordable, peaceful and safe home away from home to explore the majesty of the island.

This opportunity contributes to the acquisition and building
of the New Wellness Spa & Training Center, Jamaica.


About The Property


This former sugar, banana and cattle plantation is over 100 acres dominated by a main house which features two large master suites with private bathrooms and verandahs, plus a third ensuite bedroom as well as a formal dining room and a living room that runs the width of the house and has access to generous verandahs making it ideal for entertaining. There is also a kitchen and a laundry with washer and dryer. The lower level has two twin ensuite bedrooms, a large living area and games room with billiards, plus storage area. The total square footage is 7,500 sq. ft. There is also a circular swimming pool with a deck and outdoor fireplace.



The architecture dates back to the mid 18th century and the cut-stone foundations still have their original gun slits. Former farm buildings have been converted into four charming rental cottages for either long or short-term rentals. The grounds have breadfruit, ackee, guava, avocado, and starapple trees.



This original cattle-breeding property have been transformed over the last few years into a thriving retreat centre for art, yoga and wellness and features a large yoga platform. Many overseas visitors have benefited from the unhurried ambience of this very special place.

The house and over 100 acres is for sale and can include over 30 head of cattle. Owner offers all décor and furniture with the acquisition of the property. Included is a 15-acre section and subdivision approval for 39 residential lots only minutes away from beaches.

Our acquisition will cover a workforce of 80 people and expect to grow exponentially to establish a certified organic homestead, food forest and industrial hemp farm withmanufacturing center.


About RasTafari.TV

RasTafari.TV is a international news and information firm with offices throughout the United States, Africa and Europe. Founded in 2014, RasTafari.TV has consummated in excess of 24 million in transactions. RasTafari.TV is one of the world’s most successful intermediaries in providing news and information outlet solutions, as well as providing sophisticated travel and tourism sales and services. The firm also specializes in providing cultural advancement, exploration, training, and health and wellness services.

RasTafari.TV’s expertise includes arranging positive promotable equity for quality progressive individuals and projects looking to raise their awareness, conscious exposure, and raising project level equity capital for progressive projects which serve and uplift the people. RasTafari.TV also executes an aggressive international advisory platform, which is currently executing well over 1.5 million electronic viewers daily from around the world.

Renowned guest chefs prepare nutritious and delicious cuisine in our Caribbean kitchen. We offer daily meal experiences accompanied with alkaline water. Stay connected with complimentary Wi-Fi, and try our famous herbal teas, wines and home-made tonics or take a Blue Mountain coffee break, Fresh flowers, linens and organic soaps are only a few amenities provided. The rooms are a mix of barefoot luxury and indigenous fusion with nature. We provide an affordable, peaceful and safe home away from home to explore the majesty of the island.



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100 Aquisition: New RasTafari TV Wellness Center, Jamaica
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