Mobile Health Clinic Fund

Provide a safe, eco-friendly large capacity RV where medical team can provide communities with healthcare on wheels.

Healthcare will be significantly less expensive as well as quality of life vastly improved when we’re able to address patient health long before reaching an acute stage, is the primary reason for our initiative to launch the first Mobile Health Clinic.

Our Mobile Health Clinics address the dire need to provide more health care services to individuals who suffer from health disparities that leave them in poor health. Conditions such as hypertension, heart disease, kidney failure, and other illnesses occur at a higher rate.  Most often, by the time individuals seek out health care, their conditions have reached a critical point, and the medical services needed are more costly than the ones they may have originally received. Our Mobile Health Clinic will be a source of accessible, affordable, proactive, and reactive care.

Staffed by caring nurse practitioners and medical technicians, the large capacity RTV Mobile Health Clinic will circulate throughout communities providing services such as testing and screening for high blood pressure, diabetes, cholesterol, HIV/STD, pregnancy and dental care. In addition to screenings and testing, the clinic will also provide diagnosis and treatment services, including health education information to allow patients to locate and make informed decisions on primary care physicians and specialists.

Partnering with divisions of Emergency First Responders, Ambulatory, Fire Brigades and Ancillary Services, we pride to launch this initiative to fund Mobile Health Clinic services worldwide.  The first clinic is set to launch alongside our pilot project in Jamaica.  The clinic will be scheduled to visit urban and rurual neighborhoods, senior communities, public housing developments, and other locations islandwide. Key benefits to this program such as eliminating the need for transportation, bringing healthcare to the community, and providing a low-cost alternative to emergency room visits are a priority for us in becoming the authority on healthcare needs to our people.
Estimated Cost: $275,000

Includes Vehicle Wrap: Sponsorship opportunity for global corporations to showcase their logo within a creative mural on the vehicle wrap and in media campaigns aimed to conscious consumers.

Shipping cost: Approximately $10,000.

Professional driver: Approximately $6,000 annually



Showcase your support and ad your logo to the bus and receive a plaque and signage at school.

(4) Royal Giving Partners @ $50,000 each

(3) Loyal Business Partners @ donate $1,289.40 each


TOTAL: $291,000.00



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