2nd Annual Free Health Fair Haile Selassie I High, Jan., 16, 2017

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January 2017 Community Health Fair Expense

Plus Provide Healthy Free Lunch

for approximately 1,000 students.



Our Goal?

To feed as many people in surrounding “Payne Land”

Book bags filled with school supplies program

Giveaway Goody bags filled with organic and natural products
samples, healthy snacks, coupons, books, more!

Donation of medical supplies & first aid kits
for School Nurses Station

Certified contractor & health inspector assessment
Analysis: Total Cost of repairs & Eco Upgrade for HSS 

“Go Solar” Future Project for school
Transition to solar energy

Donate a Greenhouse with E.A.T. farm to table project
Start a healthy meals co-op.

Plan Field trips with The Environmental Club
Farm.  Community Service.  Outdoor Classes.

Honorable Mentors Program
Fund A HSS Scholarship Fund for youth in dire need


To honor the commitment we made in 2014 we have:

  • Provided two weeks of free breakfast for children in need
  • Organized and supported the school’s 2014 Community Service Day and Field Trip to the Source Farm through a collaboration of DARC, the Jamaica Music Conference,Veggie Meals on Wheels and others.
  • Donated and planted 12 fruit trees as part of the launch of a community garden.
  • Paid the administrative fees for two youth to take their CSC exams; with the help of DARC


We intend to expand the meal program and create the infrastructure to rebuild and nurture a community garden through an eco-preneurship project- with YOUR help.


The day of our Official Launch, September 2014, Rastafari TV Network (RTV) announced our commitment to support and serve at the Haile Selassie I High School, which was opened on September 9, 1969 as a gift from H.I.M. Emperor Haile Selassie I of Ethiopia, subsequent to his visit to Jamaica in 1966.   Many wondered why Our Majesty would build a school in the ghetto. Yet, since inception, the school has graduate several of Jamaica’s finest graduates—with which we are pleased. We also recognize that today, there are opportunities to assist students as well as the surrounding community.



(SEPT. 11, 2014)

Since 2014, RTV has: sponsored breakfast for approximately two weeks; organized, sponsored and supported the school’s 2014 Community Service Day and Field Trip to the Source Farm through a collaboration of DARC, the Jamaica Music Conference, Veggie Meals on Wheels and others. We also donated and planted 12 trees that have recently died because of this seasons 2015 drought.  On Monday, November 23, 2015 DARC and RTV sponsored the administrative and other fees for two youth to take their CSC exams and testing.

To ensure ongoing support and sustainability, we have called upon the help of family, friends and alumni to provide scholarships; to repair, green and beautify the school to positively impact the surrounding Payne Ave community.  In addition to aforementioned Health Fair, we would like to explore: a farm to table organic garden project that creates healthy meals for the students; the development of a media center in the future where we can wisely use technology to help bridge the gap between cultures at home and where young talents and entrepreneurs can meet, be mentored and work on Digital Projects together. We are prepared to organize and implement these items with your permissions at no costs to the school, students and community.

We look forward to a successful mission and welcome any questions you may have.





We’re on a mission to provide an
organic garden for every school!


RasTafari-TV-Haile-Selassie-I-High-School-Community-Service-Day-Nov-20155043 (1)


We offer our service to help the Haile Selassie High School.  Our Majesty built it, so we must take care of it and the students in need.  Sista Fan’aye SunLight-Selassie, Founder, RTV








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