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Rastafari TV Network  Partners with Ethio USA Tour to bring you the Ethiopian tour of a lifetime!

Save The Date July 15-29, 2016

Group travel with Live Stream Video stream sharing our trod as we walk through the footsteps of Our Majesty.  Visit landmarks and historical places he built and wrote about.  We pray Igziabier/Lord God bless these works.

Ejersa Goro is best known as the birthplace of Emperor Haile Selassie I, the tenth child of Ras Makonnen, then governor of Harar, and Woizero Yeshimebet Ali, on July 23, 1892. The Emperor later erected a church, Kidane Mihret (“Our Lady Covenant of Mercy”), in the town to commemorate the event; when John Graham visited the town in 2001, although Ras Makonnen’s house had been reduced to a “circle of rocks”, Kidane Mihret was still standing and in use, although in worse repair than the mosque across town.





 Tour Itinerary July 15-29, 2016




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Wherever you are in the world, we will book your flight to meet up in Addis Ababa by July 14, 2016.  When you tour with us, we accommodate your special requests and you are free to join the entire tour or travel with us only on certain dates.    If you would like to arrive earlier or stay longer in Ethiopia, please let us know and we will book a personal itinerary tailored just for you or your group.  


  • DAY ONE | JULY 15, 2016: Nonstop Flight to Ethiopia by Ethiopian Airlines from Dulles int’l Airport, Washington D.C., USA one of our staff will meet you at the airport and proceed to  hotel
  • DAY TWO | JULY 16, 2016: After breakfast we will start the city tour from Mount Entoto  | Overnight same hotel
  • DAY THREE | JULY 17, 2016: Early in the morning we will have breakfast proceed to the airport Flight to Harar where The Majesty was born our staff will meet you at the airport and proceed to the hotel after check in we will drive to Ejersa Goro  | Overnight:  Harar
  • DAY FOUR | JULY 18, 2016: After breakfast we will visit  Babily and Harar and surrounding area | Overnight:  Dere Dewa
  • DAY FIVE | JULY 19, 2016: After breakfast we will drive to Kolebe church built by The Majesty  |  Overnight:  Nazeret
  • DAY SIX | JULY 20, 2016: After breakfast we will drive via Arusi to Bale Mountain  |  Overnight:  Wabisheble Hotel
  • DAY SEVEN | JULY 21, 2016: After breakfast we will visit Bale Mountain where the Endemic wildlife are found  | Overnight:  Wabisheble hotel
  • DAY EIGHT | JULY 22, 2016: After breakfast we will drive to Sofe Omer cave and the land escape with beautiful birds  | Overnight:  Wabisheble hotel
  • DAY NINE | JULY 23, 2016: After breakfast we will drive to Shashemene to meet the Rastafarian community and celebrate the Birth Day of Majesty | Overnight:  Wondo genet
  • DAY TEN | JULY 24, 2016: After breakfast we will drive to Awassa and Tabbore mountains and city tour of Awassa to see one of the  Rift Valley Lake | Overnight:  Awassa
  • DAY ELEVEN | JULY 25, 2016: After breakfast we will drive to Arbaminch   overnight Arbaminch hotel/ Lodge
  • DAY TWELVE | JULY 26, 2016: In the morning  after breakfast visit The dorze village and after lunch, a bout trip to see the crocodile market  overnight same hotel/ lodge
  • DAY THIRTEEN | JULY 27, 2016: After having breakfast we will drive to Sodo and procced to Tiya we will visit this historical place and local village too. Overnight hotel sharaton Addis or 4 star hotel
  • DAY FOURTEEN | JULY 28, 2016: After breakfast we drive to Debre libanos, another historical church built by  Majesty and Blue Nile gorge overnight same hotel
  • DAY FIFTEEN | JULY 29, 2016: Day Visit the Market (Merkato) and shop all day, and night FAREWELL dinner will be provide by  the company in one of the best Ethiopian traditional restaurants | overnight:  Depart to your destination by Ethiopian Airlines



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