Wish List & in-Kind Donations

Selam Haile! May Igziabier bless you always!

Thank you for making the wish list!

Please, add the wish list from Google docs to this page.
I added some images so you get an idea.

If we ACTIVATE our existing Amazon affiliate program (i gotta sign in and rev up engines)
we earn commission for each sale. Affiliates are given embed codes to add products to their websites and pages. When ones buy products on wish list, we earn commission and products in return. Many people earn a living creating a web shell just to fill it with Amazone products.

Therefore, for additional leverage for fundraising,
let’s shop on Amazon and link the products you listed and get the html embed code for each and emmbed it here. Please delete this note after you read it 🙂

Love you sun!

memory-cards memory-cards2 memory-cards3 batteries batteries2

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